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Saturday, 04-02-2023
Corporate Value

Profesionalism, determination and commitment are the beginning of a group of young creative, dynamic, tenacious with enyielding spirit, as the ancestor formed "Erapoint Group".  Starting from the mobile commerce business and continue to grow until now on other business areas are general trading, services, property, and hospitality.

Optimism, a strong belief that motivated the founders of "Erapoint Group" to develop its business.  As the embodiment of profesionalism and optimism, the founders always dared to make a breakthrough Brier to Entry into the main area of business where centralized many business people or a large corporation in the field of their business.

Integrity is the honest attitude and behavior that were always held by "Erapoint Group" to provide the best service and products that can provide additional value to all customer.

Networking is a principle of good relations and cooperation that is used as a key strategy in realizing the ideals of "Erapoint Group" to become a nationwide company.

Teamwork is a culture of "Stakeholder" that exists and continues to be maintained in a variety of activities so as to create a work environment and corporate culture based on corporate value that is able to create a mission to achieve the vision.